March 3rd marks World Hearing Day, a day to raise awareness and promote ear and hearing care across the world. Each year the World Hearing Organization sets a theme for World Hearing Day, this year’s theme is “Check Your Hearing!” bringing attention to the importance of early hearing loss identification and intervention.


Sycle supports the World Health Organization’s World Hearing Day by sticking to our mission in facilitating the delivery of better hearing to the world. We offer you the very best and easy-to-use software so you spend less time managing your clinic and more time treating your patients.


Friendly, intuitive Sycle PRO practice management software helps you focus on treating those suffering from hearing loss, and has been designed so your patient’s experience is as smooth and productive as possible. Let’s talk through a few of the simple and sleek Sycle PRO features that make the early hearing loss identification and intervention process a little bit easier.


Make sure your patients actually show up for their appointment. With Text, Voice, & Email Appointment Reminders seamlessly reach your patients to confirm their appointments and assure they’re that much closer to their hearing loss solution.



“Where Everybody Knows Your Name.” Start your patient’s appointment off right – greet them with a smile and by name. Patient Profile Photos is a handy new feature in Sycle PRO that lets you attach a patient’s photograph to their patient summary. Your patients will feel that much more special. 



No one likes to twiddle their thumbs for 10, 20, 30 minutes in the waiting room. That’s why we built out the Resource Calendar. With this easy-to-use feature, you can assign people, equipment, and rooms to a particular appointment. Your patients will appreciate it. 



Whether you’re a current Sycle customer or looking for the perfect practice management software – let us help you discover everything Sycle PRO has to offer.

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How are you celebrating World Hearing Day? Let us know!

Written by Jamie Urborg

Sr. Marketing Strategist