One solution for your hearing care business. Sycle PRO is the easy-to-use practice management software that allows you more time with your patients, supports practice growth, and promotes a happy team.

Sycle Pro Features

Spend less time with software and more time with your patients

  • New

    Text, Email Appointment Reminders

    Easily contact patients to confirm their appointments. Reduce no-shows and cancelations to capitalize on every sales opportunity with Text, Email & Voice Appointment Reminders.

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    Sales Reports with Business Intelligence

    Make smart, data-driven decisions and change the way you do business. Enter Sales Reports with Business Intelligence, gain key insights into your practice - visualize metrics and sales data across multiple clinics and data ranges.

  • New

    Integrated Physician Reporting

    More efficient and customizable than ever before, our industry-leading Integrated Physician Reporting tool automates physician reports and nurtures your physician relationships, so you can spend more time with your patients.

  • New

    Resource Calendaring

    The average patient wait time for practices across the country is 19 minutes. Prevent double-booking and ensure patients spend less time in the waiting room by assigning them to rooms, equipment, and providers. Resource Calendaring does just the trick.

  • New

    Compass Automated Training

    With Compass, optimize your practice for success and navigate through any workflow and every task with friendly click-by-click user tutorials and automated training. Your team will thank you.

  • New

    Total Inventory Management

    Streamline order tracking and in-stock management – not just for hearing aids, but for all your equipment, loaners, and accessories.

  • New

    To-Do Center

    Say goodbye to post-it notes. Track, organize, and assign office tasks to others in seconds. Now that’s easy.

  • New

    Patient Profile Photos

    There’s no better way to greet a current patient than with a smile and by name. Patient Profile Photos let you attach a patient profile picture to each patient summary so you and your staff can more easily identify them before they arrive for their appointment. It’s the small things that can make all the difference.

  • Patient & Business Surveys

    Increase transparency, improve your patient experience, and grow your business. We believe that your patients’ feedback should be available to you quickly and easily. Happy patients, healthy practice.


Additional products

Make the most of Sycle Pro by implementing
these additional products.

  • Credit Card Processing

    Credit Card Processing

    There’s a lot that goes into managing a practice, and we’re here to help. Instantly process check and credit card payments, charge cards over the phone and capture signatures electronically. With Credit Card Processing, just swipe, sign and go.

  • Patient Financing

    Patient Financing

    Easy to use, fully-integrated financing solution that gives your patients the purchasing power they need, and you the time to focus on what matters most.

  • NOAH Sync

    NOAH Sync

    Ensure all hearing test data automatically populates. With Sycle NOAH Sync, access all your test results and fitting information anywhere, anytime. Sync audiometric data from your PC based audiometer, and save directly to your patient file.

  • eDocs


    Our cost-effective, HIPAA compliant eDocs solution is what you've been looking for. Access your patient files in seconds, and rest easy knowing your data is protected with triple redundancy and offsite backup.

  • eClaims


    Make sure your patients get their benefits processed faster, while you maximize your productivity with a streamlined and intuitive experience. Whether you want to submit your claims electronically from your office or need help with credentialing - eClaims is for you.

  • QuickBooks Sync

    QuickBooks Sync

    Transfer financial transactions to your practice’s QuickBooks file. It’s that simple, really. Initial setup includes the matching (or mapping) of your sales accounts to your QuickBooks accounts.