Believe it or not, social media can be one of your practice’s largest and zero-cost marketing assets. Taking on a social media presence may seem like a daunting task. Have no fear, there are plenty of ways you can use this easy to use tool can expand your client base and help your business thrive. 


For those of you that have created your practice’s social media, the next step is discovering ways to increase channel traffic. Let’s take a deeper look at some simple strategies to increase your practice’s online presence:


Know your audience and their interests – It’s great to share exciting brand news, product launches, and contests, but let’s consider topics that match your business’s philosophies then pair those with your audience’s interests. It’s always good practice to have a pulse on what’s going on in your industry. With LinkedIn boasting more than 530 million users, this is the perfect platform to familiarize yourself with the competition while setting yourself apart. 


Know what you want to achieve – No matter your goal, make sure you set up benchmarks and KPIs:

  • How many followers does my business have?
  • What is the average engagement for our posts?
  • How often (and at what time) does my business typically post?


Create a strategy & set up a schedule – Creating a social media calendar that includes a clear schedule of your posts and campaigns will make it easier to measure your monthly goals. Consider creating post categories so you know which types of posts resonate with your audience. Watch out for trends: which categories generate more interaction, or if certain posting times perform better than others. Each social media channel has its own way of communicating with the public. Knowing which audience you are trying to reach will help determine the best platform and messaging for those posts.


Don’ be afraid to stand out – Social media newsfeeds are the easiest way to grab your audience’s attention. Using imagery that is eye-catching without feeling super brand heavy is an important step in defining your message. Make sure that your imagery is relevant to your content, actionable, and eye-catching.


Try a video – With Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter now all offering built-in live video features, businesses can now give followers a look behind the scenes, humanize their business, and invite a real-time Q&A. Have a purpose for your video, whether it’s a product launch or big giveaway, and don’t forget to create content you can be proud to share with your followers.


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Written by Lauren Tank

Marketing Operations Manager