Earlier this month we hosted our first Professional Education Seminar with our partners at Cochlear. The event took place in Orange County, CA where we brought together leaders in hearing healthcare, from both the hearing aid and cochlear implant fields. Attendees earned CEUs and enjoyed dinner in a casual environment that fostered open dialogue and fantastic learning.

The seminar kicked off with an introduction to The Continuum of Care Initiative, which is aimed at raising awareness of cochlear implant candidacy and technology. Today, only 5% of U.S. adults who could benefit from an implant actually receive them. The Continuum of Care offers the resources audiologists need to successfully counsel and refer the right patients to implant specialists. 


As Paige Hurwitz, Sycle’s Director of Partnerships explained, the benefits of supporting CI within a hearing aid practice are numerous. Patients receive the treatment best suited for their loss and the practice is able to differentiate itself by expanding their service offering. This leads to strong relationships in the community, increased hearing aid referrals from physicians, and overall improved revenue.

Following the Continuum of Care discussion, Dr. Beth Gautereaux introduced the audience to the latest in candidate criteria and Cochlear Implant technology and Dr. Mia Miller walked through the details of implant surgery and her experience treating recipients in recent years. They fielded wonderful questions from those in attendance reiterating the positive impact CIs can have on those suffering from severe to profound loss.


The highlight of the event came when the room of attendees had the opportunity to hear from David Akiba, a Cochlear Implant recipient who has been thriving since receiving his implant just one year ago.

David spoke of the struggle he faced as his hearing deteriorated and how traditional hearing aids had ceased to provide any level of benefit. He was looking for more than just increased volume, he wanted sound clarity.


David found success with a bimodal implant, which consists of an implant on one side and a traditional hearing aid on the other. David explained in detail how the implant has impacted his life in ways he previously had only dreamed of. He has been able to keep his business running, he engages with his family, talks on the telephone with ease and continues to enjoy a passion for music. He recognized that one day he will most likely get a bilateral implant on his other ear, but for now, he prefers to maintain the hearing aid and the type of sound it provides.

It was such a wonderful, attentive audience and everyone was engaged and able to ask David their questions. Overall the event was a massive success and we’re so excited to be doing more of them all across the country. Next up, we’ll be in Miami, Florida on January 17th. If you’re in the area and interested in attending, click here to register. You will earn valuable CEUs while hearing from a local surgeon, an audiologist and a recipient. Space is limited, so reserve your spot today.


Written by Peter Adams

Vice President, Marketing