The ability to have a comprehensive view of all your sales data instantly to gauge how your practice is performing in real time is one of the reasons Sycle business management reports are essential. From tracking hearing aid close rates, to binaural and return rates, you can view all your sales data instantly.

We sat down with the Sycle trainers to chat about which reports in Sycle are their favorites and why:

Sandra Sowinski, Training Manager – “I like the Aging report. It helps an office keep track of the balances due from patients and from insurance companies and 3rd party payers. It tells you what patients have a balance due and for how long. Also, it is very helpful to find errors on invoices and getting those fixed.”

Agnes Komlo, Trainer – “The Marketing reports are a very useful tool within Sycle. There is so much that allows the client to search for in their patient database. It helps narrow down specific patient types that allow a client to market to and contact. This is one of my favorite features to show new clients during a training.”

Christa Force, Trainer – “The Hearing Aid Sales report is one of my favorite reports to show clients. This report allows the clients to see not only the hearing aid sale, but also allows them to track returns and exchanges of the sold hearing aids. It tracks any cancelled hearing aid orders. Along with tracking this information, the client can also see if there is any money left to be collected on the sale. The date range on this report is customizable so you can pull anywhere from a day ago to the beginning of your time with Sycle.”

We want to hear from you! What are some reports that you use in Sycle that you find useful to your business? Comment below and let us know.


Written by Lauren Tank

Marketing Operations Manager