What is your name and title? Doug Heinz, Sycle Patient Financing Product Manager

How long have you been working with Sycle? I’ve been with Sycle since January 2016.

How did you find out about Sycle? I’ve known Ridge personally for a number of years through Sycle board member Neal Patel. Over a few whiskeys one afternoon, I found out that Ridge was looking for someone to do some special projects and I was a fit for what he was looking to get done.

What is your favorite part about working at Sycle? Sycle has an amazing culture. It is the right balance of smart people working hard, yet great personalities who value more than just what happens in the office. People treat each other like family here, it’s really special.

What excites you most about the future of the company and its partnership with Healthiplan? The future for Sycle to grow its brand as the industry’s benchmark is extremely bright, especially with the upcoming release of its flagship product. Our partnership with HealthiPlan is one of the strongest partnerships I’ve had the pleasure of leading in my career. We analyze a lot of data, talk directly with customers, and are constantly looking for ways that our audiology practices can better serve the needs of their patients.

Tell us something interesting about yourself. I once worked for Boyz II Men in their recording studio. They had two songs they did with Mariah Carey and LL Cool J in 1995, one of which spent the longest time on the #1 singles chart to this day. Yup, I got everyone’s coffee to make that happen.

Written by Jamie Urborg

Sr. Marketing Strategist