Your patients are the heart of what you do and they’re an extremely important part of your health care team. We know how much your patients mean to you, and that your relationship with each and every one is unique. As hearing care professionals, you make your patients feel valued and build their trust through strong communication and positive interactions.

We wanted to know what approaches before, during and after appointments does the audiology industry apply to get to know their patients better. We did some research – whether you’ve just started your first practice or have been running multiple clinics for years, we hope you will find these tips useful or at the very least, helpful reminders.

Before the appointment:

Sycle Text and email remindersIt can be difficult for you and your team to get to know your patient and foster a relationship with them when you’re playing phone tag and there’s a no show. Sycle Text and Email Reminders can help you eliminate frustration both on the provider and patient side that comes with appointment times and date miscommunication, and ensure a positive beginning to your patients’ experience. This new functionality not only helps you get to know your patient’s communication preferences (do they prefer automated email or text reminders), you increase patient satisfaction, improve your relationship with them.

During the appointment:

Asking the right questions is always helpful when getting to know your patients, what their needs are, and the goals they are looking to achieve. If your patient can see that you want to better understand who they are, that adds to the level of security and trust they put in you as the provider, knowing that you have the right solutions for them.

What types of questions do you ask? We’d like to know.

After the appointment:

We recognize that getting to know your patient typically takes more than one visit. There are a number of ways that you can strengthen your relationship — that’s where Sycle comes in. We have a few Sycle features that can enable you to get to know your patients even more than you already do.

Sycle Patient Care Communications – This handy Sycle feature enables you to build custom, personalized patient letters, birthday emails, warranty notices and more – all generated and sent automatically.

Sycle Marketing Group – When it comes to communicating and marketing to your patients, the one-size-fits-all approach certainly does not work. You understand that each patient is unique, their needs are different, and not every message will be read. Your goal is to make each patient feel special, and when you send an email with language they can relate to, services they are interested in or customer stories similar to theirs — you can.

Here are a few examples of how you can segment your patients for email marketing lists:

  • patients eligible for upgrades
  • those whose warranty is ready to expire
  • those who would benefit from new technology
  • your very best customers
  • custom groups of people unique to your area

At Sycle we are committed to providing you with the software, resources and tips to ensure you can streamline your business processes and optimize your practice, and your patients’ journey.

We want to hear from you – what tips do you have on getting to know your patients better? Let us know.

Written by Jamie Urborg

Sr. Marketing Strategist